Reinventing Nature: the role of the designer at the end of the ‘Darwinian interlude’


“This is an excellent work. It is intelligent, well-written, and well-reasoned. Your analytical frameworks are sensible and robust. This work is highly ambitious, however you direct the reader appropriately and ensure that you address every question that you raise.” 

-Royal College of Art Tutor

My masters dissertation focuses around one main question: “What is the role of the designer in a time when we can design evolution itself?”

To begin to answer this, I examine first the historical relationship between design, humans, and nature followed by the technologies that are making it possible to design evolution. I then posit that the designer can borrow from the tools of moral philosophy to lead begin to answer this question.

This dissertation is available upon request.

This dissertation won Highly Commended Dissertation, Royal College of Art, 2019